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1. Now you can Play the Popular Game Wordle with a Screen Reader
2. Webvisum CAPTCHA Solver returns to Firefox
3. The 25 Most Popular Websites for the Blind and Visually Impaired, Part 1
4. Audio: A Quick Demo of Intersection Explorer for Android
5. Breaking: NFB Nearly Doubles Scholarship Program, Offering $240,000 in Awards in 2022
6. Blind Bargains Virtual Exhibit Hall Audio: Empathy And Education Are Core Values For Accessibility at AudioEye
7. New Aira for Android version brings improvements and bug fixes
8. #CSUN14 Audio: ScripTalk Prescription Labels Now Available through CVS
9. The 2010 Holiday Shipping Guide
10. Review: Your Writer's toolbox - Scrivener for iOS
11. Freedom Scientific Releases Update to Openbook 9, Offering Support for 3 Video Magnifiers and Improved OCR
12. Breaking: NFB Revokes AccessiBe Convention Sponsorship
13. Blind Adrenaline to Launch Online Euchre in December
14. Score some Tech Deals with the Summer of Tech Auction
15. An overview of Microsoft OneNote for Windows 10
16. Monster Inspiration Passive Over-Ear Headphones for $94.95 [Shipped]
17. Over 110 restaurants Want to Help You Celebrate Your Birthday
18. #CSUNATC20 Audio: A New Wearable Arrives On The Scene For Zoomax
19. Review of TeleTender: Accessing the Internet Using a Phone for Free
20. Blind Bargains Virtual Exhibit Hall Audio: 2021 An Audio Description Oddessy With Judy Dixon
21. Falling Squirrel presents the Vale: Shadow of the Crown, an action RPG for PC and x-Box
22. Free Audible DVS movies from the Blind Mice Movie Vault
23. Sendero Announces Sendero GPS 2014 and Reduced Pricing
24. Accessible applications to manage your screen time with cold Turkey
25. Digging Up The Dirt On News We May Have Missed
26. How to Enable Audio Description on Netflix for iPhone, Android, and Apple TV
27. A New Feature makes the Amazon Echo Show More Useful for Blind Users
28. Blind Bargains Virtual Exhibit Hall Audio: Jobs For Humanity Are Building Bridges To Employment
29. #CSUNATC19 Audio: A Transformative Experience For Kiosk Access With AudioEye
30. Introducing Comics for All, Seeking Kickstarter Funding
31. #CSUNATC18 Audio: Feel the Graphs with the Talking LabQuest.
32. #CSUNATC19 Audio: Bristol Braille Details The Rotors And Motors Behind The upcoming Launch Of The Canute
33. Blind Bargains Top 10 Stories of 2014: 4. The Serotek Saga
34. Summer Convention Audio: Smart Beetle, Braille Sense And Even More Braille From HIMS
35. ASUS Google Nexus 7 32GB 7 Inch Android Tablet for $124.99 [Shipped]
36. Blind Bargains Top 10 Stories of 2014: 9. What's Up Docs?
37. Moshi, the Voice-activated Alarm Clock for $47.50
38. Codex 2.1 Makes it Easier to Accessibly Read Kindle Books in Windows
39. Patriot 128GB Class 10 Secure Digital Extended-Capacity SDXC Card for $27.99 [Shipped via Prime]
40. Toshiba 2TB Canvio Basics Portable USB 3.0 External Hard Drive for $94.99 [Shipped]
41. Talking Tire Gauges Added to Auction Gateway
42. PLEMO Magic Cube Bluetooth Speaker for $29.99 [Shipped]
43. The Updated Blind Bargains Guide to Attending #csun14 on a Budget
44. Blog Surfing with Technorati
45. Buy Etizolam Online In The US - Legal Etizolam For Sale
46. #CSUN15 Audio: Humanware Introduces the Trekker Breeze Plus
47. New QRead has Goodreads Integration, Downloads Bookshare Titles Directly
48. Jim Kitchen Mega Games Pack Released, Works with Windows 10
49. #CSUN14 Audio: Check out the Moves on that Robot
50. #CSUN12 Audio: HumanWare Talks Braille Displays, mPower PDF Support, and a new SmartView

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