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Hi have 2 devices for sell. A blaze ET 400 dollars and iPhone 8 Plus 300.

Hi blaze is in perfect condition. I have the unit, and charger. The phone is 256 gigabytes, and will have the latest iOS. Thanks.

Versa Paperless Braille Slates in Stock from A. T. Guys; More Case Colors Available

I heard that there was a rumor going around that the Versa Slate was out of stock. Certainly not true. In fact, we have brought back more case colors and are ready to ship your order right away. The Versa Slate is a braille slate that is paperless and erasable. It works just like a regular slate and stylus, but without paper. It features 4 rows of 20 cells each, and a magnetic stylus that is built into the side of the unit for easy storage. There are two models available. The full-size Versa is 4 lines and 20 cells per line. The mini is 2 lines of 12 cells and could easily fit in a small pocket or purse. The Versa functions like any other braille slate, but without the need for paper. Simply use the included stylus to make braille, and flip over the slate to read it. When you want to clear all or part of the slate, press one of the buttons. The slate has 2 sets of 4 buttons along the top and bottom of the reading side of the unit. There is a button above and below each group of 5 cells. Press the top and bottom buttons together to erase the dots from section of the slate. You can also gently push single pins down to erase a specific dot. We recommend doing this with a finger, not the stylus. As I mentioned, we now have more colors of cases in stock for the full-size slate. Our flip cases are available in gray, navy, and pink. I only have a few pink available BTW. To place your order online for a Versa Slate, power bank, or anything else we sell visit Or call 269-216-4798. You can also email questions to

Braille Note Touch

Im selling Braille note Touch from Humanware for $1200 or best offer. Also willing to trade Victor Reader GPS in new or almost new condition. Braille touch has only been used 2 or 3 times. Charger and card included. Email: maria.gutierrez7321@gmail I have Apple Pay and Paypal. Thanks

2MB Games releases Haunted House, an audiogame!

2MB Games has released Haunted House, and Haunted House expansion pack 1! High quality, enjoyable audiogames for blind or sighted. These are challenging audiogames with endless hours of fun. You can buy Haunted House base at and expansion pack 1 at Remember, people who subscribe to 2MB Patron get haunted house packs for free! Sign up here! -- Michael and Billy, 2MB Games.

Accessible Power Banks Now Available from A. T. Guys

We are pleased to introduce a brand new accessible power bank for all of your charging needs, in fact, two of them. Read on to learn more or to get a link to an audio demo. Our new 10,000 and 20,000 mAh power banks can be used to charge basically anything that can be charged via USB, including iPhones, Android devices, the BlindShell 2, most Bluetooth products, the Orbit braille displays, and much more. Plus with modern, fast charging, you wil be back in business much quicker compared with our older power banks. And because it's accessible, you can easily check the remaining power of the power bank by just pressing a button on the side. The unit will vibrate or beep from 1 to 4 times to indicate how much charge is available in the power bank. Hold down the button to switch between vibration, beeps, or both. The smaller of the two power banks is about the size of your cell phone, with the larger model about twice as thick. ON one end, you will find three ports. * USB Type A is the full-size rectangular USB port that's been around for many years. You can plug in any cable to this port to charge a device. * USB Type C is a newer port found on many modern devices and is also rectangular. You can also charge devices from this port, or also use it to charge the power bank. * Micro USB is the small plug that typically has two bumps on one side. You can also use this port to charge the power bank. Simply take your existing cable and plug it into the power bank to charge your device. The power bank will vibrate or beep to indicate the device is connected. We have two models available: 10,000 mAh charges a typical iPhone about three times from a single charge of the power bank. Available for $75 plus shipping. 20,000 mAh charges a typical iPhone about six times from a single charge of the power bank. Available for $99 plus shipping. We include a USB Type C cable in the box which you can use for charging. If you have a newer iPhone, you can plug this into your wall plug to charge. It will also charge from modern laptops. Alternatively, you can use any Micro USB cable and connect it from the power bank to an outlet for charging. We have a variety of cables and plugs available if you need a spare, and of course, you can call us if you need assistance figuring out the best solution for your needs. Power banks are in stock now and ship same business day if you order by noon. To order, or to hear an audio demo please visit You can also write us at or call 269-216-4798.

Traditional Braille Woman's Wrist watch

I'm selling a traditional braille woman's wrist watch. It runs on a battery. It now has a leather band but can also take a metal expansion band. It is in good condition.

HIMS Polaris 32 Executive Products Case and Three Polaris 32 AC Adapters

I have a HIMS Polaris 32 leather case made by Executive Products in good condition and three AC Adapters for the HIMS Polaris 32 purchased from HIMS in good condition. I upgraded my Polaris to the BrailleSense 6 and so no longer need the high-quality case and the AC Adapters. Polaris can be used while in the case. You can have the case on your shoulder and walk around and use the Polaris. Selling Price $45.00 with shipping included in the continental United States.

Hi I would like to trade my Polaris mini for a brailliant 20x.

Hi had this braille sense Polaris mini for a few months. It’s used, but kept in excellent condition. I’m wanting to trade, because I want something new. Nothing is wrong with the device, thanks.

Traditional Braille Woman's Wrist watch

I'm selling a traditional braille woman's wrist watch. It runs on a battery. It now has a leather band but can also take a metal expansion band. It is in good condition. I'm asking $20.

Braille Sense Polaris

This Braille Sense Polaris is 4 and a half years old. It is very lightly used, one might say as new. Brilliant Speach, Braille, small screen and a multitude of applications running an android system.

Rugged Loaded Panasonic ToughBook CF-31 +MK5 Office 365, shipping in Lower 48 states $450

This model has been used by law enforcement and the military; Panasonic says it will survive being dropped and even an explosion. All ports and Bays are Protected by Hinged Covers. Specifications: intel 5300U CPU; 16gb RAM; 500GB Solid State Drive; Intel 7265 AC Wireless; Blue tooth 4.2; 2 USB ports; 2 more USB ports with screwed-on cover; SD card reader; 13.1 Inch touch screen; VGA and HDMI connections; Mobil Wireless, requires SIM card from Wireless service provider; Built in GPS; Dimensions 11.5 x 11.9 x 2.9 inches; Extremely durable full magnesium alloy case with handle; Weight 7.9 pounds; Panasonic Power adapter included; Battery runtime up to 18 hours - 27 hours with optional 2nd bay battery not included; New installation of Windows 10 professional 64 bit edition 21H1; updated drivers; Jaws demo speaks upon boot; One-year Microsoft 365 Family Subscription which I will email to buyer. I will also email description and location of all ports and bays and how to open them. Price: $450.00 which includes shipping in the 48 contiguous United States. I take PayPal and Zell. I will accept checks or money orders but must wait until the check clears before shipping.

Selling Brailliant BI 32 Braille Display, $600, Including Shipping

This 32-cell Braille display is in excellent condition. The battery, buttons, keys, and all Braille cells work wonderfully well. The display comes with a leather carrying case. I accept PayPal.

Hi I want to trade my Polaris mini for a braille edge.

Hi braille sense Polaris mini is in excellent condition. I would like to trade for a braille edge. Please text if interested, thanks.

Special offer on Logic Pro course 25% off plus free hour of training!

Do you wish to delve into the subject of Audio Production but don’t know where to start? Daniel Contreras’s Learn Logic Pro course can help you get firmly planted in your journey as a visually impaired user. With six plus years of experience with Logic, Daniel helps you learn the ins and outs of this software from a blind person’s perspective using Mac with Voice Over. In addition to the course, you will receive one free hour of Logic training via zoom or FaceTime.   Logic Pro course will cover important aspects of using this software from an accessibility stand point.  Subjects covered:  list of 5 items • Starting a new project  • Recording and editing midi and audio • Applying FX and signal routing  • Logic Pro Drummer  • Sharing your project  list end Logic Pro course includes 1 free hour of one on one Logic training for a limited time! Buy this course for $74.99 Discounted bundled hourly packages and monthly subscription plan now available for Private lessons 1 hour: $40  2 hours: $70  3 hours: $100  Subscription plan for one weekly 1 hour piano/theory/ear training/Logic Pro $120 Study Piano, music theory, and ear training with Pianist, composer, arranger, and music producer Daniel Contreras.  Music theory and ear training is not exclusive to those seeking piano lessons.  Piano Lessons cover the following:  list of 5 items • Piano technique  • Scales and arpeggios • Repertoire (Depending on level and goals)  • Beginner to intermediate Jazz improv and harmony  • Artistic attributes of playing the piano  list end Take your next step in music and audio today!  Daniel Contreras 1-833-345-8324 Ext. 715 Pay via Phone 1-833-345-8324 Ext. 703

Year-end Deals: Talking Book & Mp3 Players, MP3 AM-FM Radio Player, Fire tablets, microSD

& SD Cards, Victor Stream, & much more! We hope you all had a fine Holiday celebration and that Santa was very good to you! Here we are coming up on 2022 which will hopefully be better all the way around! Some of you received cash for Christmas and are looking for what you really wanted. We've extended our Holiday deals in celebration of the New Year! We have all of our memory cards and accessories discounted as well as very special free accessory and other savings on all of our Talking and Accessible Media Players and Tablets, read on for more details! * IMPORTANT * Ends shortly! The 1st order of business is that the $100 off the price of the Blindshell Classic 2 "trade-in" phone offer will be ending on 12/31/2021! So don't hold back until after that date to get your phone and get the $100 off,cause it will vanish after New Year's Eve. The above offer is for those who have the original Blindshell Classic phone only. However anyone can order the new easy to use accessible push button candy bar style talking Blindshell Classic 2 phone and receive a free 16GB microSD card and a beeper device so you can find lost items using this new phone, while supplies last! It's a completely new phone with many improvements over the original one and was designed specifically for the blind. This is a great choice for those who can't or prefer not to use a touch screen phone! The phone is just $489! This week you get an accessory free when you order either a Talking Benji Mp3 Player or the Talking Book Reader! It's a replacement clip for use on players like the Sansa Clip players on which the original clip has broken off or on players which never had a clip! Simple peel-off-and -stick installation. I have clips on my Clip Zip with a broken clip, Benjie T6 Talking MP3 Player, and my Talking Book Reader! Now I can justwear these players instead of holding them in my hand or sticking them in my pocket! Just $5.99! Free with your order of the above-mentioned two players! Daily Deal: This time around don't miss this Super Discount on Benji Talking Mp3 Players with latest firmware and get a free Stick-On Clip as above! It normally starts at $95.99 for 16GB up to $145.99 for 256 GB, but during this Daily Deal, you can get our newest addition the Rockboxed Benji T-6 Lossless Hi Fi Talking Media Player starting at just $85.99 for 16GB, $95.99 for 32 GB, 64GB for only 105.99, 128GB only $115.99, and 256GB for just $135.99! Place your order here: or Download the introduction to the Benji T-6 Talking Mp3 Player at the below link: Our latest Talking Book Reader with the ability to search for internet radio stations as well as podcasts plus 16GB of internal memory! That's right twice the internal memory for storing more of your media files available now at this low price! Plus get a free holster case, a 16GB SD Card, and a free Stick-On Clip as above with your order! This is the feature-packed Talking Book Reader 3rd Edition which comes with the best sounding high quality Ivona voices using a built-in speaker which is miles ahead of the Stream and Trek speaker! It plays all sorts of unprotected files including Daisy books, eBooks, music, audio books, and even video files! It's a great choice for listening to audio content on its built-in speaker or headphones! Connect it to your wifi for listening to internet radio stations and podcasts! Record from its built-in mic, external mic/line-in, FM stereo radio, and internet radio! All this and 14 hours of battery life! Get it now for just $229.99! Download the introduction to the Talking Book Reader 2nd Edition at the below link: Tablets discounted and receive an OTG cable free with your order of a Fire 7-inch, HD 8, and HD 10 tablets with the screen reader turned on and Google Play Store installed at great prices! These tablets are as feature packed as any other tablet with the ability to do email, browse the internet, play music and audio books, etc, plus these tablets take advantage of the Amazon services such as Kindle books and plus you get Alexa Hands Free! Connect thumb drives and USB keyboards to your tablet using the OTG cable! Don't miss the accessories found inside the combo boxes on each tablet's own page: * Prices are going up * Get the latest Victor Reader Stream on sale for only $414.99! During this sale only, one more week, get a free 32GB SD card! The brand new Victor Reader Stream also includes long and short USB cables, 8GB SD card, protective silicone case, earphones, and wall charger! You can read about and order it from: Get 6 months to pay with No Interest on orders over $99 when you check out with PayPal and choose PayPal Credit. (subject to credit approval) Free wall charger with our very-affordable & accessible portable MP3 player AM/FM radio with built in front-facing mono speaker which plays MP3/WAV files from either a thumb drive or microSD card! Plays FM radio stations. Jump to specific tracks or radio stations by entering the track number or the frequency! Read more and order yours for just $25.99 from here: • Get the next generation magnetic microUSB cable! Available in 3 feet $13.99 or 6 feet $15.99. Comes with a microUSB magnetic tip. • Get the next generation Magnetic type C cable. Available in 3 feet $13.99 or 6 feet $15.99. Comes with a type C magnetic tip. • Get a Magnetic Lightning Data/Charging Cable for iPhones. Available in 3 feet $12.99 or 6 feet $15.99. Comes with a Lightning magnetic tip; you can order extra Lightning magnetic tips: Aside from the magnetic cables, we have regular usb cables, auxiliary cables and charging accessories: For those wishing to get Bluetooth capability on players like the Victor Stream, Bookport, etc, or those wishing to use Bluetooth with your stereo, PC, etc, any device with a headphone or Line-in/Line-out jack, you can get one of our below two transmitters/receivers, the portable one or the Home version. Both have dual pairing and offer true aptX Low Latency. Portable Miccus Swivel Jack RTX Bluetooth transmitter/receiver available right now $5 off for just $44.99! Perfect for making your Victor Stream or any other device with a headphone jack, able to connect to your Bluetooth headphones or speaker! Connect it to your computer's USB port and have it come through your Bluetooth headset or speaker! The receiver side speaks everything from power on through power off! It boasts a range of 100 Feet and much more! Miccus Home RTX 2.0 is the home version not designed for portable use. It can transmit up to 160 feet or more in direct line of sight! Available right now $5 off for just $54.99! Great Stocking stuffers! We're also offering discounts onlarge capacity 64GB, 128GB, 200GB (only microSD), and 256GB SD and microSD cards ready for use on your favorite devices and including some OTR for your enjoyment starting at just $21.99 for a 64GB card, $39.99 for 128GB, $55.99 for 200GB and 256GB Cards for only $59.99! We also have 16GB for $9.99 and 32GB for only $15.99! All prices are in US dollars. We accept major credit cards, Amazon Pay, and PayPal on line or you can call 727-498-0121 to place your credit card order or email to have a PaypalMe link sent. Don't let this special slip by you!

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