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Hi have a brailliant 32 I’m selling for 1000 dollars.

Hi thought I would use this, but I’m not happy with it. I can’t read book share books. However I’m willing to negotiate on a price. Please text 6785767717. Thanks I would like to be paid with zell.

Receive assistance with iOS, Apple TV, and HomePod on a donation basis

I am offering assistance with the devices mentioned above. I am doing this, because I’ve always loved to assist other individuals. Donations are excepted, through either Apple cash, or PayPal. We can discuss your method of giving donations, when we speak. I can assist you by utilizing the zoom platform, by FaceTime, or by phone. Thank you very much for your time, and I hope to hear from you soon.

Father's Day Deals! Talking mP3 Players, Book Readers, Fire tablets, Victor Stream, & more

The days are counting down to Father's Day! Have you secured your Father's Day gift yet? In this Father's Day special we have some spectacular deals on gift items that would be appreciated by any Dad! See below for these and more! We don't charge you for shipping in the US and subsidize international shipping costs and only charge you for tax if you're in Florida, so the listed prices are your total! Save big on our latest Talking Book reader! Plus we have the Victor Reader Stream at a very good price, the Benji T6 Talking MP3 Player, Fire Tablets and much more... On our Daily Deal Get a 7-inch Fire Talking tablet for just $54.99! Plus get a $10.99 value OTG cable free so you can connect either a USB keyboard or a thumb drive to your tablet! Our latest Talking Book Reader with the ability to search for internet radio stations as well as podcasts plus 16GB of internal memory! That's right twice the internal memory for storing more of your media files available now at this low price! Plus get a free holster case! This is the feature-packed Talking Book Reader 3rd Edition which comes with the best sounding high quality Ivona voices using a built-in speaker which is miles ahead of the Stream and Trek speaker! It plays all sorts of unprotected files including Daisy books, eBooks, music, audio books, and even video files! It's a great choice for listening to audio content on its built-in speaker or headphones! Connect it to your wifi for listening to internet radio stations and podcasts! Record from its built-in mic, external mic/line-in, FM stereo radio, and internet radio! All this and 14 hours of battery life! Get it now for just $229.99! Download the introduction to the Talking Book Reader 2nd Edition at the below link: New Rockboxed Benji T-6 Lossless Hi Fi Talking Media Player with 16GB for just $95.99! Also available with 32, 64, 128, 200, and 256GB! It reproduces great sound from all your unprotected audio files and is the best sounding player we've ever offered including the Sansa Clip Zip! Download the introduction to the Benji T-6 Talking Mp3 Player at the below link: Get your new easy to use accessible push button candy bar style talking Blindshell Classic phone all set up for use from us! It was designed specifically for the blind and I have to say I'm impressed! They did a fabulous job on its design and its features! This is a great phone for those who can't or prefer not to use a touch screen phone! It also does a fine job with the music and book reader apps which of course I had to check out. (smiles) All the other apps were also well designed and work very well! The phone is just $349 and to fully service you we'll even activate your phone with your choice of very affordable H2O phone plans with unlimited talk and text and high speed data starting at $20 per month for 2GB up to 30 GB for $60, so you can start using it once you receive it! Get the Brand New latest Victor Reader Stream for just $414.99! The Victor Reader Stream comes with an 8GB SD card, earphones, wall charger, long & short cables, and silicone protective case. You can read about and order it from: Latest Fire 7-inch, HD 8, and HD 10 tablets with the screen reader turned on and Google Play Store installed at great prices! These tablets are as feature packed as any other tablet with the ability to do email, browse the internet, play music and audio books, etc, plus these tablets take advantage of the Amazon services such as Kindle books and plus you get Alexa Hands Free! Don't miss the accessories found inside the combo boxes on each tablet's own page: Get 6 months to pay with No Interest on orders over $99 when you check out with PayPal and choose PayPal Credit. (subject to credit approval) • Get the next generation magnetic microUSB cable! Available in 3 feet $12.99 or 6 feet $15.99. Comes with a microUSB magnetic tip; you can order extra microUSB tips or type C magnetic tips $4.99: • Get the next generation Magnetic type C cable. Available in 3 feet $12.99 or 6 feet $15.99. Comes with a type C magnetic tip; you can order extra type C tips or microUSB magnetic tips $4.99: • Get the next generation Magnetic type C cable. Available in 3 feet $12.99 or 6 feet $15.99. Comes with a type C magnetic tip; you can order extra type C tips or microUSB magnetic tips $4.99. • Get a Magnetic Lightning Data/Charging Cable for iPhones. Available in 3 feet $12.99 or 6 feet $15.99. Comes with a Lightning magnetic tip; you can order extra Lightning magnetic tips $6.89: Our Portable MP3 player AM/FM radio has a built in front-facing speaker! Although it has no speech it's totally accessible for the blind as it's all button operated. It does have a display but it's not menu driven. One can listen to AM or FM stations or to MP3/WAV files on the microSD card or thumb drive! Jump to specific tracks or radio stations by entering the track number or the frequency! It has a user replaceable rechargeable lithium battery! It has a line-in jack so you can play your other devices through its speaker! It'll also serve as an external sound card when connected via USB to your computer! One can also listen with headphones if preferred. Perfect for listening to music and MP3 audio books; it resumes where you left off listening! Priced at just $29.99! Download the introduction to the AM-FM MP3 player at the below link. With our Bluetooth items you get instructions from a blind perspective emailed to you! For those wishing to get Bluetooth capability on players like the Victor Stream, Bookport, etc, or those wishing to use Bluetooth with your stereo, PC, etc, any device with a headphone or Line-in/Line-out jack, you can get one of our below two transmitters/receivers, the portable one or the Home version. Both have dual pairing and offer true aptX Low Latency. Portable Miccus Swivel Jack RTX Bluetooth transmitter/receiver available right now $5 off for just $44.99! Perfect for making your Victor Stream or any other device with a headphone jack, able to connect to your Bluetooth headphones or speaker! Connect it to your computer's USB port and have it come through your Bluetooth headset or speaker! The receiver side speaks everything from power on through power off! It boasts a range of 100 Feet and much more! Miccus Home RTX 2.0 is the home version not designed for portable use. It can transmit up to 160 feet or more in direct line of sight! Available right now $5 off for just $54.99! We have the Portable Water Resistant Bluetooth Mini Shower mono speaker this week for just $17.99. Don't forget as well as the magnetic cables, we have regular usb cables, OTG cables, auxiliary cables and charging accessories that are also discounted as part of our special: Deals on our large capacity 64GB, 128GB, and 200GB SD and microSD cards ready for use on your favorite devices and including some OTR for your enjoyment starting at just $21.99 for a 64GB card, $39.99 for 128GB, $55.99 for 200GB, and $59.99 for 256GB! We also have 16GB for $9.99 and 32GB for only $15.99! All prices are in US dollars. We accept major credit cards, Amazon Pay, and PayPal on line or you can call 727-498-0121 to place your credit card order or email to have a PaypalMe link sent.

Braille Sense U2 32-cell notetaker for sale for $1,200 shipping in U.S. only

Good morning everyone, As the subject states, I am selling this note taker, as I am getting this replaced with another device that meets my needs better since I will be going to a university in a few months, and I need the versatility of a new device. Asking price is $1,200 which already includes shipping in the price. Serious buyers only, and not accepting installments. If interested, feel free to email me at: Forms of payment accepted are PayPal, Apple Pay, and Zell. Thanks in advance for consideration and I hope to read from somebody soon.

Let Your Voice Be Heard! (AT in the Workplace Survey)

The National Research & Training Center on Blindness & Low Vision recently launched its first survey for the Access Technology (AT) in the Workplace study. We are still recruiting people with blindness or low vision (age 21+) who are working or are interested in working to be part of a 5-year study about AT use. Why should you participate? • You’ll help identify gaps in AT – what is needed but not available, which our technology company partners, including Microsoft, Google, OrCam, Vispero, Aira, and HumanWare are interested in! • Findings will allow us to make recommendations for AT users, VR professionals, AT specialists, and employers. • We’ll share study results directly with you and you’ll have the chance to participate in a community of study group members. We want to know YOUR thoughts and experiences! Participation will involve completing multiple surveys to help us determine how AT use is changing over time. Some questions we will seek answers to are: • What AT do you most commonly use? • How do you decide whether to use a specific AT? • What are your technology challenges? • What tools do you need that aren’t currently available? Want to have your voice heard and help us with our 5-year study? Complete our pre-screening survey online or call 662-325-2001 to schedule an appointment for a telephone screening. Link:

Hi willing to by a Polaris for 900 dollars.

Hi there I am moving to Chicago Illinois, and really need a note taker for when I do. Please let me know. Thanks. Please text 6785767717, thanks.

Hi willing to purchase a brailliant 14 for 400 dollars.

Hi want to purchase a small display for my phone. Please let me know, thanks. Please texT me at 678-576-7717.

Hi willing to by a Polaris for 800 dollars.

Hi really need a note taker. I can send money by cash app or zell. I would prefer the Polaris. Please text 6785767717 thanks.

Price Drop Alva Satallite 544 40 cell braille display now only $349 Shipped

Hello: we have affordable braille displays just flying off the shelves here. and now they are more affordable than ever! get a Alva Satallite 544 40 cell Braille display for only $349 shipped via priority mail. comes with usb cable, serial cable, and AC Adapter. This has nice crisp braille, 10 function pads, 4 thumb keys and double touch cursors. we accept Paypal, Apple Pay, Cash App, Vennmo, and credit card. if interested, please call 1-833-345-8324 Ext. 712

Hi I need a Polaris. I can pay 50 a month.

Hi I’m looking for a Braille sense Polaris. I need one for school. Please text 6785767717. Thanks.

Apple Watch Series 5 Cellular $275.00 and two pairs of EarPods $20.00 a piece

I am selling my Apple Watch series 5 cellular model, which is space black and aluminum case. It is in excellent condition. It is $275.00. I am also selling two new pairs of EarPods with a lightning connector for $20.00 a piece.

Hi there willing to sell my brailliant 14 for 650 dollars.

Hi comes with case, and charger. Only been used a few times. I’m selling, because I’m trying to pay for a pair of hearing aids. Please text 6785767717. Thanks.

DM71 - After Dark

DM71 – After Dark In this episode, Damashe and Michael started out talking about Michael’s setup with this board Transitioned into the time of day that we are recording this episode. Damashe’s latest with Sendy and SES from Amazon Text expander caused Michael to explore Auto hotkey. Damashe shares his frustrations with text expander. This takes us into a conversation about the clipboard manager on windows. New toys that Damashe is going to end up with Michael does surgery and shares some tips for you. and Damashe talks about his router Damashe explains how he received a broken tv. We close this episode talking about Profit first Podcast Links

Hull Foundation Presents - Apps to Get you around Town

Hull Foundation and Learning Center for Adults with Blindness and Sight Loss Hull Foundation Presents… Apps to Help you Get Around Town Wednesday, 5.26.21 1pm – 2pm 503-668-6195 Please call to book your spot. Our goal for this call is to talk about various travel and direction assistance apps. 1. What's the most important thing when it comes to using apps to get around town? 2. What do I need to use apps to successfully get around town? 3. A short demo of Apple Maps 4. A quick exploration of Google Maps Please note, you must Also sign in 5-10 minutes early and use the “waiting room”. This allows all of us to join the meeting at the same time. The Zoom meetings will be locked, 5 minutes after the start time and you will not be able to enter. If you want to join this class on 5-26 at 1:00PM PST, 2:00PM Mountain, 3:00PM Central and 4:00PM Eastern, call 503-668-6195 and secure your spot.

Hi have a brailliant 14 for 730 dollars.

Comes with case, and charger. Only used a few times. I use cash app, or zell. Please text 6785767717. I can also trade for note taker. Thanks.

Macbook Pro 13, M1, 8gb Ram 256GB SSd 2 months old $1225

We have a just out of the box Macbook Pro 13, M1 with 8gb of ram, and 256gb SSd. $1225. Shipped. with priority mail and tracking. if interested call 1-833-345-8324 Ext. 712.

Ipad pro 11 inch with Apple Keyboard case $600 bundle it the Humanware BI 32 $1100

We have a iPad pro A12x 11 inch model. with Apple Keyboard case. Gentally used, for demo purposes but still in great condition. for only $600 shipped priority mail. Want to bundle it with a braille display? Purchase our Humanware BI 32 bluetooth braille display for only 500 dollars more and get a complete note taking portable computer solution for only $1100! if interested give us a call at 1-833-345-8324 Extension 712.

Perkins Brailler for $125

Hello, I still have a manual Perkins Brailler for sale. I am asking $125 plus shipping for it. Up until a few months ago when I replaced it with an Orbit Reader, it was being used very regularly. I've had this Brailler since I was a kid, and in a few spots it sticks sometimes, but with a little tlc, it could be as good as new. Note: if anyone tried to contact me about this before, and I did not respond, it was because I was out of the country for a few weeks, but am back now, and thus am able to take your calls. Please call or text +1 620-717-2274.

Price drop Humanware Brailiant BI 32 cell bluetooth and USB display with perkins keyboard

We just dropped the price because we want our shelves cleared for new equipment. get this now for only$549.99 Shipped with priority mail with tracking. also we still have the alvva satallite 544, 40 cell USB and Serial display. for only $400 and the Pacmate 40 USb 40 cell display for only $200. get yourself a braille display today! prices will not ever be this low again! call 1-833-345-8324 Ext. 712.

Ambutech Graphite Folding & Telescoping Canes, Replacement Tips, Pouches & Fanny pack Cane

Ambutech Canes & Accessories at! Blind Mice Mart is proud to distribute Ambutech 5-section Graphite Folding Canes Ambutech Lightweight Graphite Telescoping Canes Ambutech Cane Holsters & Pouches Ambutech Replacement Hook-style & 8mm Threaded Cane Tips
Get your New Cane Sooner than Later from Blind Mice Mart!
Blind Mice Mart ships all Ambutech Cane orders Priority Mail!
Graphite is better!
Graphite canes are lighter than Fiberglass and Aluminum Canes!
Graphite Canes have more flexibility than Fiberglass & Aluminum Canes...
Graphite Canes will flex and bend past the point where fiberglass or Aluminum canes will break!
Ambutech 5-Section Graphite Folding Canes
Ambutech 5-section Folding canes are more sanitary than 4 and 6 section canes. When collapsed, the tip of a 5-section cane is pointing away from the handle, not rubbing against it keeping your hands away from  the tip when collapsed.
Get your new Ambutech 5-Section Folding Cane with a Black, Blue, or Pink handle!
Blue and Pink Handled Canes are available in lengths 40 - 60 inches long and Black Handled Canes are available in Lengths 44 - 64 inches!
All canes are available with any of the following Hook-style Cane Tips! It is your choice!
The Mice Will install your tip in your new Ambutech 5-Section Folding Cane before shipping it to you!
Choose from these cane tips!
  • Hook Tip - Marshmallow, White
  • Hook Tip - Marshmallow, Black
  • Hook Tip - Marshmallow, Blue
  • Hook Tip - Marshmallow, Pink
  • Hook Tip - Marshmallow Roller, White
  • Hook Tip - Jumbo Roller, White
  • Hook Tip - Rolling Ball, White
  • Hook Tip - Rolling Ball, Red
  • Hook Tip - Rolling Ball, Black
  • Hook Tip - High Mileage Rolling Ball, White
  • Hook Tip - High Mileage
  • Hook Tip - Flex, White
  • Hook Tip - Metal Glide
  • Hook Tip - Ceramic
  • Hook Tip - Pencil, White
  • Hook Tip - Dakota Disk, White
  • Hook Tip - Rover Free Wheeling, Black

Black Handle 5 Section Ambutech Graphite Folding Canes; 44 inches to 64 inches Blue Handle 5 Section Ambutech Graphite Folding Canes; 40 inches to 60 inches Browse Pink Handle 5 Section Ambutech Graphite Folding Canes; 40 inches to 60 inches Ambutech Lightweight Graphite Telescoping Canes
Ambutech UltraLite Telescoping Graphite Canes  are made for light duty! Their Ultralight design 
The Telescoping 2-section Shaft is made of Graphite making it Light weight and Strong!
Ambutech Telescoping Canes  are infinitely adjustable over the full extended range of the cane;
Standard Length Telescoping Canes adjust from 31 inches closed to 59 inchesfully extended
Long Length Telescoping Canes adjust from 36 inches closed to 69 inchesfully extended
They lock with a quick twist of the lower shaft.
All have Red reflective  tape
Ambutech Telescoping Canes are available with your choice of one of these 8mm threaded Cane tips

Hi have a brailliant 14 for 900 dollars.

Hi this Braille display comes with case, and I can include USB cable. I’m just not using it. Would like to find a better home. Please text 678-576-7717.

Like New Focus 40 Blue 2000 OBO

Bought this last Aug. Only used it twice because it ended up being to large for my needs. It has been in it's original case and works great. Moving and this is why I am selling it. It has original documentation but unfortunately the charger disappeared. I can throw in a USB cable if needed to charge on a laptop and or charging block of your choice. I except cash ap, paypal, or apple pay. It will ship same day as receipt of payment with UPS.

BrailleNote Touch+ for Sale

Hi! I am looking to sell my BNT+. It was upgraded last year from an original; the cells are crisp and everything is in working order. My unit has one of the new calibrated batteries as well (the battery with the dot on it). I am asking for $2500 or best offer. I am willing to discuss payment arrangements, however, a portion of the agreed-upon price must be paid before I will ship it. The box will include the original cable and case as well as the charging block. I accept all forms of p2p payments (paypal, FBPay, cash app, Zelle, etc).

Hi looking for a good note taker for school.

Hi there looking for a good note taker for school, can pay 50 a month. Would like the device right away, thanks. Please text 6785767717.

Hi looking for a Braille sense Polaris mini for 400 dollars.

Hi need this for school. Please text 6785767717.

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