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A T Guys Convention Deals, Open to All; Light Detectors, Power Banks, Free Shipping,

Hello, and welcome to convention  week. Whether you are in Omaha, New Orleans, or your kitchen, we've got deals and new products to share. Our convention specials are open to anyone, and you do not need to be a member of any organization to receive the deals. Specials • Get free shipping on any order of $99 or more for U.S. customers through July 15. use code convention22 to get the deal. • Order your items to skip the line and pick up in person at convention. Use code ACB22 for ACB Pickup in Omaha Use code NFB22 for pickup in New Orleans Visit for all of our products we have available. Introducing our accessible Power Banks Our new line of accessible portable chargers will power your iPhone, Android phone, BlindShell, braille display, Bluetooth headsets, speakers, or just about anything else we sell. The battery level is indicated by tones or vibrations so you'll know how much charge is left. With two fast charging ports, you can power multiple devices simultaneously. Charge your iPhone more than six times with a single charge of the power bank. This power bank includes support for today's charging standards and will charge your phone noticeably faster than our previous models. It includes two charging ports, one USB type A pore and a modern USB Type C port for newer devices. Charge the power bank using either the USB Type C port or the Micro USB port. Wayaround Sampler Pack The WayAround Sampler Pack gives you one of each of the different WayTags, so you can try them out and decide which you like best. This Sampler Pack includes two stickers (one square on-metal, and one round), a magnet, two buttons (one oval hole to use with a safety pin, and one with two holes that can be sewed in), and WayClips (one square and one round). Square WayTag products work on metal objects. A round shape won’t work on metal. Also, this is the last week to get starter packs for $62.99. This pack includes 60 tags and is a great way to get started with WayAround. The price goes up by 7 bucks after this week. Introducing our Portable Light Detector Use this pocket sized light detector to learn if the light is on. Attach it to a keychain or carrie it in your pocket. A simple interface with a single switch and button this light detector will give you the information you need promptly. Get it for $25. The Storm, Single Ear, Noise Cancellation Bluetooth Headset with Microphone The Storm from Blue Tiger is an over the ear headset that covers just one ear. The ear cup and controls sit on one ear and the headset band goes over your head and stops before reaching the other ear. It includes a swivel boom microphone with absolutely amazing noise cancellation, and can be worn on either ear. Plus, it has USB-C for charging, voice prompts, and 30 hours of talk time. It's great for phone calls, loud environments, or connecting to Zoom or meetings on your mobile device. Get it for $119.95. BlindShell Classic 2 This is the New Generation of the BlindShell Classic providing unique hardware, tactile keypad, voice control and loud speaker, creating the perfect phone for the visually impaired. The Blindshell 2 now has an App Catalog allowing you the ability to use additional features on your phone including Whats app, Internet Browser, Internet Radio, NFC Object Tagging and more! This device is Full of fun and useful functions yet still simple to use! The BlindShell Classic 2 phone app Catalog is growing. AIRA will be supported in addition to Be My Eyes, Google Lookout, the Podcast app and more. Get the BlindShell Classic 2 for $489. Introducing OpenComm from Aftershokz, Bone Conduction with Improved Microphone Clarity Introducing OpenComm, the first Aftershokz open ear headset with an adjustable boom microphone, providing clear audio for calls, Zoom, Teams, and other Bluetooth applications. Use OpenComm at the office or on the go, and you'll sound great to others and also be able to hear the conversation as well as your surroundings. OpenComm is built for communication, featuring best in class bone conduction technology. Plus you still get popular features like voice prompts and an audible battery status indicator. OpenComm is available for $159.95. Introducing the Versa Slate, a Paperless Braille Slate The Versa Slate is a braille slate that is paperless and erasable. It works just like a regular slate and stylus, but without paper. It features 4 rows of 20 cells each, and a magnetic stylus that is built into the side of the unit for easy storage. The Versa functions like any other braille slate, but without the need for paper. Simply use the included stylus to make braille, and flip over the slate to read it. When you want to clear all or part of the slate, press the buttons on the top or bottom of the slate. We also have magnetic cases available. The Versa Slate Mini weighs less than 2 ounces and features 2 rows of 12 cells each and is paperless and erasable. It measures just under 4 inches long and includes a built-in stylus which slides into the top edge of the slate. • Get the Versa Slate Mini Paperless, Erasable Slate & Stylus for just $60! • Get the Versa Slate now for $120 Orbit Reader 20 Plus and 40 available at NFB We will have a limited amount of Orbit Reader 20 Plus an 40 units at the NFB convention on a first-come basis. Order at convention and receive a free 32GB memory card. If you will not be in New Orleans but want one of these units, let us know and we can reserve one for you. Also don't forget the Orbit Writer, the $99 braille keyboard to connect to your phone or computer. In addition, feel free to Send us a message with any questions to or call (269) 216-4798. We hope you enjoy convention week, wherever you are.

Convention Special Kustom Cane Button Telescopic Cane Finder Charms!

As conventions are approaching, we wanted to make the deal a little sweeter! Buy a cane, whether the new push button telescopic or custom cane, and receive a free $35 valued cane finder charm! Never loose your cane or belongings again! It is our way of thanking you for supporting Kustom Cane the past 11 years and our You Cane Give Initiative for the past 7! 20 countries with 994 canes delivered thanks to all f you! So when you order, use the word convention in your order or when you call to get your free $35 valued GPS tracking Cane Finding Charm! Kustom Cane - Buy for Yourself and Serve Someone Internationally! The only place to buy products that empower other people around the world! What cane designs can we make? Think of it and we will make it! From Star Wars to sports teams to beach themes to business logos to Jack Daniels to Disney to Nascar to chrome to our chameleon color changing cane, reflect your style with your cane today! Here is our contact info: 901-483-1515 Website is New Products! New Telescopic Cane and Cane/Item Finder Charms! THE CADILLAC OF TELESCOPIC CANES!-SUPER DEAL! PRODUCT DESCRIPTION Non collapsing telescoping cane expands from 9 sections and automatically locks at each section for lightweight, durable usage. Cane won't inadvertently collapse when in use if pushed too hard. Single push button action collapses the entire cane. Handle is a textured rubberized high quality for a comfortable grip. Shaft is metal colored; bottom of the cane is red. Luminous graphene reflective material coats each joint and allows for better reflectiveness in the dark. Lighter in weight than regular mobility canes. Collapsed cane measures 11.5" long. Fixed metal tip has a 0.8" diameter. Includes an elastic wrist strap. Available in a 50” or 54” length, Comes with an extra tip-rolling-standard round tip installed on cane) and a velvet bag to store your luxurious cane! Here is a recent comment from one of our customers: “I absolutely love it. It is exactly what I needed. This is really going to be handy, and to be honest, I think that it is actually better than those folding canes. It is also the right length for me which is awesome! I really love the fact that it is so light weight. That makes it even more portable. Now I don't have to worry about where I am going to place the cane when I get into people's cars and such. There's nothing worse than to try and figure out how you're going to stick a straight cane into someone's car without damaging it…With this telescopic cane, I can use it in any situation and I don't have to worry about where I am going to stick it once inside a vehicle. This is truly a great invention!” Order today to get a free charm of your choice with your cane! Call us today at 901-483-1515 or email us at Price $89 Now, next popular products: Kustom Cane Cane Finder Charms Kustom Cane has 3 great cane finder charms for you to choose from! All charms attach to your cane handle elastic. Great to use for your suitcases, guide dogs, or other belongings! Whistle Cane Finder Charm: Misplace your cane? Whistle and the charm will begin to beep so that you can locate it! Details: Color: white Shape: oval Size: 1 78/8” by 7/8” Includes button for small flashlight. Price $19 Our upgraded Bluetooth finder charms are here! Choose from to options: First, Apple tag tracker wrapped in leather and a ring to attach to the elastic of your cane Includes Apple Air tag Leather protecting cover with quick clip attachment Details: Must have Apple device in order to pair with tag. Please see Apple website for system requirements. Leather cover colors: Choose from dark navy, Black, brown, and red Size: 2” by 3/8” Shape: teardrop Price $49 Second, our newest Universal Bluetooth cane finder charm that works with any android or iOS device! App is fully accessible with smart phone screen readers. No haggle on advertisements or making other purchases within the app! Easy to replace the batteries in the tracker! Easy setup and instructions will be emailed. Phone support also available. Details: Colors: Choose from black or white Shape: square Size: 1 3/8” by 1 3/8” by 3/16” Price $29 These items are new and are not on our website yet. Order them by contacting us by email at or calling us at 901 Dash 483 Dash 1515. Did You Know? Every purchase you make with Kustom Cane goes towards the You Cane Give Initiative, which provides canes, mobility, and other technology to the blind around the world! So treat yourself and empower another! James boehm

Selling BrailleNote Touch (Original) BT 32

Gently used and in good working condition. I can ship or meet at the ACB Convention. Please text or email for more information.

Hi looking for a braille sense u2 or the u2mini

Hi looking for a braille sense u2, or u2 mini, thanks.

In search for a BrailleSense Polaris, BrailleSense Polaris Mini, or any of the BrailleSens

Hi all. I am in search for either a BrailleSense Polaris, BrailleSense Polaris Mini, or BrailleSense 6. Make sure it is in good condition. Please contact me off list. Either via email which is, or iMessage which is Please get in touch if you're interested in helping out. Regards, Mabelin

Braille Embosser for sale Index Basic D Version 4 USB new white color model in retail box.

Hello, we have a practically new Index Basic D version 4 double sided Braille embosser with USB and many of the modern embosser features still in the retail box we can sell. It has never had any problems at all, it just has not been used more than a few pages. So it is like new, and in its retail packaging. It will emboss on wide Braille paper or narrow and on both sides at once. You can use free Braille translation software like Braille Blaster that works very well and simply. Works with any computer and notetaker. Asking only $1250 or best offer. Texting gets a hold of us quickest, but can try calling too. Text/call Chris at 816 659-0044 anytime.

Braille Sense U2 with QWERTY Keyboard

Brand new in box. Contents are all there including extra charger. Asking $2100.

New Audio Web Site. Binaural recordings! other sounds! Updates regularly!

Access to high quality Binaural, 3D audio recordings! Access to High quality Sound Effects! Access to Radio Imaging work parts! Other miscelanious sounds, and text articles regarding audio setups, etc. Updated regularly, for your listening pleasure! Visit:

Hi have a braille since +40 for trade or sale.

Hi this device is in great condition. It hasn’t been used as much as I wanted to use it. If u ant to trade I’m looking for a camillion 20, or brailliant 20. Preferably I would like the brailliant 20. If your purchasing I’ll take 1000 dollars for this device. It is 32 cells. Thanks.

QuickBooks Training And Bookkeeping Services

Hello, I am back at it starting my next new adventure. Finance has been an interest of mine for a while now. I finally took the time to get QuickBooks certified. If you have a small business then you know how important keeping your books are for the end of the year and beyond. I now offer QuickBooks online Training so you can learn how to best use the software. Best of all, I can teach from a non-visual perspective. Finally, if you would like to have me handel the books for you and you don't want to deal with this this is also an option.

Gentally used Brailliant Bi 20X for sale $2000 or best offer.

This is a very seldom used Brailliant. I need something with a qwerty keyboard. I thought I could get used to the Braille keyboard but cannot seem to do it. It is about 3 and a half inches by about 6 inches by an inch thick. It fits easily into a purse or pocket. You can take notes, read books, and use online services like bookshare and NFB newsline. If interested, please send email to

Focus 14 Blue 5th generation Display, $625

I have a Focus 14 Blue 5th gen display in excellent condition. All cells and buttons work perfectly. I have owned this display for two years, but the battery has recently been replaced and it now holds a charge like new.

I am looking for audio sensory recordings.

Good afternoon to everyone on this list. I am looking for someone that would be kind enough to send me some recordings of the sound of braille getting erased. My reasoning for this, is because I am mildly autistic as well as visually impaired. And I enjoy the sensory sound that it provides. I will be the one who provides the material. As I can ship out some magazines as well as some books that I have with me that I really no longer need. You will be compensated for the work. For the magazines I was looking into paying it $25 per magazine. As for the larger book that I have with me. I would be willing to Pay as much as $80. If you wish to charge more, you can please feel free to let me know. As for the length of the recordings, I am looking for them to be anywhere from 30 minutes to an hour. For the larger bottle particular I am looking for those recordings to be a little bit longer, as that will allow you to essentially erase more. In fact, for the larger but I am looking to see if multiple people can do that one at the same time. I am definitely willing to ship anywhere in the United States. And I am looking for serious takers only. If you are interested, you can email me at You can also feel free to text me at 4243396204. Thank you all. And have a good and blessed day. Sent from my iPhone

Victor Reader Stream Next Generation $250

comes with cord, charger, case, and SD card. Plays Daisy, audible, MP3, and music. Can also listen to podcasts and NFB or ACB radio stations wirelessly.Can download directly from Bard, but must have windows PC for audible books. User guide is on the player and on Humanware's website.

looking for a Braille Lite in good condition

I'd like to find a Braille Lite, that is in good condition. I'd prefer a 20-cell.

VarioUltra 20 Mint Condition, $1200!

The The VarioUltra is the smallest, most rugged braille display you will ever own. You can feel the craftsmanship as you use it. This VarioUltra 20 has a new USBC board, new battery, new carrying case, and the braille cells are in perfect condition. Check out the spec here: VarioUltra 20 has 32GB storage, word processor, excel and pdf viewers, scientific calculator, supports multiple Bluetooth connections, and can be used as a braille display with all major platforms.

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